Open Leg Rocker

“Open-leg rocker is essential for improving balance through core control and strength,” says Risa Sheppard, master Pilates certification trainer and founder of The Sheppard Method in Los Angeles. “As we strengthen our core, which includes the pelvic girdle, lower back and abdominals, it awakens not only the muscles, but all the pathways that help to enhance our sexual pleasure.

The open-leg portion of the exercise creates flexibility in the inner thighs, making various positions more accessible.” HOW TO DO IT: Sit upright with your knees bent into your chest, legs about shoulder-width apart. Lengthen through the crown of your head, roll your shoulders back and down and lift your chest so your back is strong.

Grasp your ankles on the outside of the legs. Pull your naval deep into your spine and lean back until you are balanced on your tail-bone with your feet off the floor. Straighten both legs toward the ceiling in an open V position and balance. To initiate the rocking, inhale, draw your naval to the spine and bring your chin to your chest.

Keeping your head tucked, roll backward, stopping the action and reversing it before you get to your neck. Upon return, stop and balance on the tail-bone, legs open and up toward the ceiling. If you need to modify the exercise, keep your legs bent.


Have you ever done any of these exercises with the intention of improving your sex life? Are there others you’ve tried? Share your experiences and suggestions with the crunch24 community in the comments below.


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